Ignition Switch, John Deere

Brand: Oregon

Product Code: 33-074

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Ignition Switch, John Deere

Part number : 33-074
Pack size : 1 ea

UPC code : 032488330744

This ignition switch replaces John Deere and MTD. Oregon replacement parts are built to meet or exceed OEM standards.
Replace OEM & Other Cross References
John Deere : AM133596
MTD : 725-04228, 925-04228, 92504228
Rotary : 9655
Fits Model
John Deere : 1023E, 1025R, 1026R, 3032E, 3036E, 3038E, LT190, SST15, SST16, SST18, X300, X304, X320, X324, X340, X500, X520, X534, X540, X710, X730, X734, X738, X739, X750, X754, X758, X950R
MTD : 12AE764N009, 12AE764N010, 12AE764N056, 12AE76JU897, 17AA554G755 RZT-42, 17AA554G790, 17AA557P790, 17AA5A4G790, 17AA5A7P790, 17AA5AAG700 RZT-42, 17AC2ACG004 RZT-42, 17AC2ACG055, 17AC2ACG790, 17AC2ACS055, 17AC2ACS058, 17AD2ACP004 RZT-50, 17AD2ACP790, 17ADCACT058, 17ADCACT058 M200-46, 17AE2ACG004, 17AE2ACG059, 17AF2ACK004, 17AF2ACK099, 17AF2ACK897, 17AF2ACK897 ZT54, 17AF2ACP001, 17AF2ACP004, 17AF2ACP897, 17AF2ACP897 ZT50, 17AF2ACS004, 17AFCACK897, 17AFCACK897), 17AFCACP897, 17AFCACP897), 17AFCACS897, 17AFCACS897), 17AJ2ACG090, 17AJ2ACG597, 17AJ2ACG597 RZT-42, 17AJ2ACG897 RZT42, 17AK2ACK090, 17AK2ACK290, 17AK2ACP090, 17AK2ACP099, 17AK2ACP290, 17AK2ACP597, 17AK2ACP597 RZT-50, 17AK2ACP897 RZT50, 17AK2ACS099, 17AKCACS099, 17AKCACS299, 17ARCACK099, 17ARCACP897, 17ARCACP897), 17ARCACT099, 17ARCBDW897 ZT-S54 KH, 17BA5A4G790, 17BA5A7P790, 17BK2ACK090, 17BK2ACP090, 17BK2ACP597, 17BK2ACP597 RZT-50, CC760ES 12AE764N, M200-46 17ADCACT058, M200-46 RZT46, MZ210-42 RZT42, MZ2142, RZT-42 17AA554G755, RZT-42 17AA5AAG700, RZT-42 17AC2ACG004, RZT-42 17AC2ACG055, RZT-42 17AC2ACS058, RZT-42 17AE2ACG004, RZT-42 17AE2ACG059, RZT-42 17AF2ACS004, RZT-50 17AD2ACP004, RZT-50 17AF2ACP001, RZT-50 17AF2ACP004, RZT-54 17AF2ACK004, RZT42 17AC2ACS055, RZT50 17AF2ACP897, RZT54 17AF2ACK897, Z6000 17AKCACS099, Z6000 17AKCACS299, Z6400 17ARCACT099, Z6600 17ARCACK099, ZT-17, ZT-22, ZT-42, ZT-42 17AJ2ACG, ZT-4200, ZT-50, ZT-50 17AK2ACP, ZT-50 17BK2ACP, ZT-5000, ZT-54 17AK2ACK, ZT-54 17BK2ACK, ZT-L42, ZT-L50, ZT-L54, ZT-S54 KH 17ARCBDW897, ZT42 17AFCACS897, ZT50 17AF2ACP897, ZT54 17AF2ACK897, ZTL7000 17AK2ACP099, ZTL7000 17AK2ACS099, ZTL8000)
No of Terminals 5, No of Positions 3

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