Semi-Pneumatic Wheel - Murray

Brand: Oregon

Product Code: 72-114

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Price: $6.79

Semi-Pneumatic Wheel - Murray

Part number : 72-114
Pack size : 1 ea

UPC code : 032488721146

This semi-pneumatic wheel with turf tread is made with the highest quality materials to provide a durable option when you need it.
Replace OEM & Other Cross References
Murray : 071132, 071132MA, 671132, 71132, 7771132, 7771132MA
Fits Model
Murray : 20211x5E, 20213x199A, 20214x34A, 20221Ax92A, 20221Ax92B, 20221Bx92A, 20221Bx92B, 20221x19A, 20223x18A, 20223x30A, 20255x19C, 20405x50A, 20405x50B, 20405x50C, 20405x50D, 20415x50C, 20415x89A, 20415x89B, 20416x50C, 204210x50A, 204210x50B, 204210x50C, 204210x50D, 204210x8E, 204211x50A, 20465x31A, 20507x199A, 20507x199B, 20507x4A, 20507x4B, 205310x00A, 205310x50A, 205311x50A, 20605x31A, 20605x50A, 20605x6A, 20605x7A, 20605x8A, 20606x30A, 20606x30B, 20606x30C, 20606x30D, 20606x30E, 20606x50C, 20606x50D, 20606x50E, 20606x6C, 20606x82B, 20606x82C, 20606x8A, 20606x8B, 20607A, 20607x199A, 20607x30A, 20607x4A, 20607x71A, 20607x99B, 20608A, 20608B, 20608C, 20608x199A, 20608x199B, 20608x34B, 20608x4A, 20608x4B, 20608x4C, 20608x6A, 20608x6B, 20608x99A, 20608x99B, 206110x99A, 20615x51A, 20615x8A, 20615x8B, 20615x92A, 20616x50A, 20616x50B, 206230x99A, 206230x99B, 206310x192A, 206310x194A, 206310x92A, 206311x92A, 20645x8A, 20645x8B, 206510x31A, 20656x31A, 20656x8A, 20656x8B, 20665x31A, 20665x7A, 20665x8A, 20665x8B, 20705x51D, 20706x6B, 20706x6C, 20707x89A, 21876x50C, 21898x89B, 222390x31C, 22265x8J, 22315x8C, 223310x24D, 225110x00A, 22605x50B, 22605x51A, 228511x24B, 228511x8F, 228512x48A, 328 MODELS
Tread Turf, Size 8x200, Hub Length 1-3/8", Hub Type Offset, plastic, ID 1/2"

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