Carburetor Float - Honda

Brand: Oregon

Product Code: 49-913

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Price: $3.60

Carburetor Float - Honda

Part number : 49-913
Pack size : 1 ea

UPC code : 032488499137

This replacement carburetor float fits model G200 series engine. Replaces Honda.
Replace OEM & Other Cross References
Honda : 16013-883-005
Laser : 98290
Rotary : 10474
Stens : 525-414
Fits Model
Honda : 101 MODELS, E1500K4 A, E2500K4 A, EB3000 A, EB4000 A, ED1000 A, EG1000 A, EG1400Z A, EG1500K4 A, EG2200Z A, EM1600 A, EM1800 A, EM2200 A, EM3000 A, EM4000 A, EM500 A, EM500K1 A, EM600 A, EMS4000 A, EX800 A G, F200 A, F400K1 A2, F500 A1, F500 A2, FR500 A, FR500K1 A, FR700 A, FR700 AR, FR700 AS, FR700K1 A, FR700K1 AS, G100 QAF, G100 QAH, G150 HQAF, G150 HZDU, G150 PEAF, G150 QAF, G150 QZDU, G150 UA5, G200 HQAF, G200 PEAF, G200 QAF, G200 QCX, G200 QZDV, G200 SAG, G200 SBV, G200 SCY, G200 SZDW, G200 UA5, G200 VA5,   G300 HQB6, G300 HZC1, G300 PB6, G300 PZC1, G300 QB6, G300 QJ0, G300 QZC1, G300 QZDX, G300 SB7, G300 SZC2, G300 VB6, GV150 A1, GV150 A2, GV150K1 A1D, GV200 N10, GV200 N1A, GV200 N1B, GV200 N40, GV200 N4C, GV200 N50, HR17 PDA, HR17 PDAM, HR17 PDAN, HR21 PDA, HR21 PXA, HR21 SDA, HR21 SXA, HR21-5 SDA, HR21-5 SDAM, HR21K1 PDA, HR21K1 PXA, HR21K1 SDA, HR21K1 SXA, HR21K2 PDAM, HR21K2 SXA, HR21K2 SXAM, HRA21 SDA, HRA21 SDAW, HS35 A, HS50 TA, HS50 WA, HS70 TA, HS70 WA, WA15 C, WA20K1 C, WA20K1 D, WA30 C, WA30 D, WB20T DRA, WB30T DRA, WT20 C

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