Wheel Assembly, 410/350-4-Snapper

Brand: Oregon

Product Code: 72-728

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Price: $31.25

Wheel Assembly, 410/350-4-Snapper

Part number : 72-728
Pack size : 1 ea

UPC code : 032488727285

The wheel assembly consists of a 2 ply 410/350-4 tubeless stud tire mounted on a 1-piece white wheel.
Replace OEM & Other Cross References
Lesco : 50013
Martin Wheel : 3544DC-SN
Mowmore : WSN18
PLP : 196-504
Prime Line : 7-04852
Rotary : 10892, 8278
Snapper : 5-0618, 5-2267, 7050618, 7052267, 7052268, 7052305
Stens : 175-224
Tilden : SNA-1
Fits Model
Snapper : 153 Models, 250610T, 250612T, 25069T, 250811BE, 250812BE, 250813BE, 250814B, 250814BE, 250815B, 250815BE, 250816B, 250816BE, 25659BE, 260610T, 260612T, 26069T, 2650, 2650S, 265X, 265XS, 26659BE, 2680, 2680S, 268X, 268XS, 280810BE, 280810T, 280812BE, 280813BE, 28088B, 28088BE, 28088T, 28088TE, 280914BE, 280915BE, 281011BE, 281013BE, 281014BE, 281016BE, 28108BE, 2811511BE, 28128BE, 28128TVE, 281318BE, 300810BE, 300810T, 300812B, 300812BE, 300813BE, 30088B, 30088BE, 30088T, 30088TE, 300914BE, 300915BE, 301011BE, 301013BE, 301014BE, 301016BE, 30108BE, 3011511BE, 301213BE, 301214BE, 301215BE, 301216BE, 30128BE, 30128RE, 301318BE, 301411KVE, 301413KVE, 30148KVE, 3080, 3080S, 308X, 308XS, 3312511BE, 3312513BE, 33128BE, 33128RE, 33128TVE, 331313BE, 331314BE, 331411KVE, 331413KVE, 331414KVE, 331415BVE, 331415KVE, 331416BVE, 331416KVE, 3314518BVE, 33148KVE, 331518KVE, 41128BE, 411611BVE, 421613BVE, 7060697, E250811B, E250811BE, E250813B, E250813BE
Size 410/350-4, Hub Length 3-1/4"

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